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Welcoming the new grey…

The 21st April 2015 was my LAST visit to the hairdressers to have my hair coloured… I decided that enough is enough and I shall let my true hair colour see the light of day. This page is going to document my progress.

I like having long hair but I think it might look dreadful if I don’t have the coloured hair cut off as soon as the grey and white reach a couple of inches. I really cannot wait to see what its going to look like – I am very excited!

So, we are counting the days, weeks and months since the 21st April… I think that by Christmas I will have short grey hair with NO colouring in it at all… what huge fun!

This is the first photo, taken at exactly 6 weeks:

Six weeks growth...

Six weeks growth…

This is taken on 21st June – 2 months into the project:

Two months growth...

Two months growth…

I have measured the growth and it seems to be 1 1/8 inches after 2 months.  That means by the 21st December the grey hair should be around 4 and a half inches – which will be plenty for a decent hair cut although I think I will probably weaken and have it all cut before then!

What will 3 months look like?  Will I have weakened and gone back to see my hairdresser Karen?

Happy days…


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