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Nearly there…


This has been on and off my design wall for ages… I simply couldn’t get a grip on it.  In fact, I started this about 12 years ago I think… good gracious!

The blocks use paper foundations and the block pattern is from the book “Really Sharp Piecing” by Barbara Barber.  I met Barbara at the National Championships in 1997 where she signed a copy of her book for me.  Do go and look at some of her quilts – they are smashing.

So, after a couple of days of concentration, I think I might have the final arrangement…

So sunny...

So sunny…

I like it – I love the colours and it makes me feel happy.  Some of the sections are just bits of fabric pinned roughly in place – but its the closest I’ve been to the final quilt!  It really helped that I had bought some Kaffe Fassett fabrics with the gift voucher I was given when I retired last year… those fabrics have lifted the whole thing.

Now I can’t wait to get it sewn together and start the quilting…

Happy days…


Author: Hergest Helly

spinner, quilter, knitter, sewer, rag-rug hooker, beginning weaver, crocheter, embroiderer, chicken keeper, cat lady, budding gardener, yoga novice and home lover...

2 thoughts on “Nearly there…

  1. Oh, it’s beautiful! I assume you’re using foundation papers — what is the source? (I ask because I am going to try a NYB for a fundraiser in 2016.)

    • Hi Nann – thank you 🙂 Yes – it is paper pieced and pretty straight forward. The pattern is from Barbara Barber’s “Really Sharp Piecing” book from around 1997 – she kindly signed a copy for me when I met her at the National Championships – her quilts are lovely. I should have given her credit in my post – I’ll do that right now! Cheers… Helen

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