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Mum’s needlepoint…


I give mum and dad each needlepoint kits for Christmas and/or birthdays – they both really enjoy stitching them.  I show them catalogues or take my computer so they can choose which ones they want, and sometimes I surprise them. They stitch them and I “finish” them.

Mum chose this needlepoint kit and I gave it to her for Christmas a year ago.  She has spent a year stitching it and has passed it to me to “finish” it.  Generally this means a little tidying up and blocking and stretching it to make it square. Then I make it into a cushion or wall hanging and pass it back.

This time, when she gave it to me for finishing, she said it was for my birthday and that I could finish it for myself – how lovely is that!

This kit came with beads for embellishment – and so that is what I am working on at the moment…

Beading the needlepoint...

Beading the needlepoint…

My mum’s right arm is very weak (she is right handed) and so she has to rely on using her left hand.  Even though she loves doing it, I know how much effort it is for mum to stitch, thread a needle, start and end each colour change – and she does it all so cheerfully and carefully – she is an inspiration.

So, thanks mum for this lovely tapestry – I am making it into a cushion with a velvet backing and possibly some fringing too… I am loving it!  Can’t wait to finish it and give it back to mum to wrap it for my birthday 🙂

Happy days…


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2 thoughts on “Mum’s needlepoint…

  1. It’s beautiful. I can see it will be a really special gift because of all the effort your Mum has put into it.

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