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Needlepoint progress…

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Not much happening on the quilting front at the moment because I have rediscovered my unfinished needlepoint…

Indian Cow

Indian Cow

… and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.  This is a lovely design by Isobel Hunt.  I think her work is really delicate. The design is simply drawn onto the canvas and you follow directions for the colours you use and refer to a full sized colour photo where you can easily see the individual stitches.  Many of the areas require you to blend 2 strands of thread which is how you get such a smashing shaded effect – I just love this.  AND the kits come in a velvet bag which converts to a zippered backing for the cushion – isn’t that a clever idea?

I have done a few needlepoints over the years but only one was on a colour printed canvas – and I found that really difficult to follow… I couldn’t easily see where one colour finished and another colour started and the result was a bit disappointing – and the kit didn’t include a chart.  All my other “tapestries” have been done from charts so I can see clearly where each colour goes.

Elizabeth Bradley designs include a full colour chart along side the colour printed canvas so you can see exactly where to stitch – I really like those designs and I have completed 2 of hers. They are worked in cross stitch and not tent/half cross stitch, which means the canvas doesn’t distort.  I was planning on making all four of her Victorian Flowers designs and then making them into a rug… I did start the third design (Winter Wreath) and the chart for the fourth in the series (Spring Basket) is in her book… but it all seems a bit daunting now…

I think the latest batch of Isobel Hunt’s needlepoints have colour printed canvas which is a bit disappointing for me. However, these new kits do include a symbol chart so I am hoping Santa will bring me the really pretty Tibetan Donkey kit for Christmas.  If I think the colour printing will get in the way, I can always turn it over and stitch on the back directly from the chart instead 🙂

In the meantime I had better get on and finish the Indian Cow… and then get started on the really lovely Egyptian Camel design which is sitting here patiently awaiting its turn….

Happy days…


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