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Saturday gardening…

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Another lovely warmish dry day… the weather this summer has been smashing and these late sunny summer days are a real bonus.

So my to do list for today in the garden:

1.   Finish digging 2 veg patches

2.  Transplant 2 raspberry bushes

3.   Plant out onions and cabbages (and leeks and beetroots)

4.   Rig up some netting to discourage the cats

5.   Sort out strawberry plants

Spindly onions...

Spindly onions… looking very unlikely to do anything at all…

Lady Truscott and Hinge (or Bracket) in the background waiting for more worms….

I was planning on planting leeks and beetroots in this bed along with the onions – but I was being a bit optimistic about the space required – there is just enough room for the onions (they should be 10″ apart – these are nearer 6″…. )  So I am going to dig another bed the other side of the shed – if I can find the energy!

(Yes, I know the netting is rather low and that cats are quite capable of jumping over it… I am just hoping it will do for now…)

And now the cabbages – these look rather sad and nibbled.  I have been checking them every day for the culprits and I have removed a couple of caterpillars… but now they are out in the big wild world I guess they will get attacked by all sorts of creatures – but hopefully they will leave enough for me to eat:



I am hoping the raspberries on the right of this picture don’t spread too much… at least not until I have finished with the cabbages.  Next year I might just have to let the raspberries do their stuff and not use the bed for veggies… I’ll see how it goes… I’m not going to fight with the raspberries – after all – there is NO contest between cabbage and raspberries!!

My last job was to sort out the strawberries.  I bought some big pots of end of season strawberries at a reduced price and there were lots of lovely runners on them – so I got those potted up and hopefully I will have tons of fruit next year – hoorah!!!

I felt like a “proper” gardener today… as I explained to the onions as I was planting them – so I hope they have taken notice and will GROW!

Happy days….


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spinner, quilter, knitter, sewer, rag-rug hooker, beginning weaver, crocheter, embroiderer, chicken keeper, cat lady, budding gardener, yoga novice and home lover...

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