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And off I go again…

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Here we go again...

Here I go again…

One of my favourite bits of quilt making – embarking on a new project and selecting the fabrics and colour scheme – such anticipation…

I am using the design “Vintage Spin” from the book “Adding Layers – Color, Design and Imagination” by Kathy Doughty (which I bought for my kindle) as my starting point.  There are some great examples of the design on Kathy’s blog Material Obsession.

I also really like the lovely ones made by Wanda at her blog Exuberant Color…. (I love Wanda’s blog and her gorgeous quilts.)

My blocks are ending up 9″ square rather than the 13.5″ in the book – I prefer the look of lots of smaller blocks to quilts that have fewer big blocks – I think I just like quilts that are busy with colour and pattern and I am not so fond of large scale printed fabrics.

Instead of buying an 18 degree wedge template, I marked 18 degree lines with masking tape onto my usual ruler.  Its sort of working… it would be easier (and maybe more consistantly accurate… ) with the “proper” template, but I was impatient (as usual!) and wanted to start cutting and sewing right away!!

As I am making the blocks significantly smaller than the original pattern, I had to adjust the size of the centre appliquéd circle (from 3″ to 2″) to keep it all in proportion.  This means the seams at the middle of the block have to be pretty close together so I can use a smaller circle to cover the hole.

The picture above shows my test block – I had to make a few adjustments along the way but I think I am ready to roll now….

Happy days…


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