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My drawer of presents…

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Present drawer...

Present drawer…

I like to make presents for my family and friends – for their birthdays or xmas or thank-yous or for nothing in particular.  I knit a lot of socks and save most of them for present giving.  My family say they like them (I like to believe them) and I even get requests for them…

Instead of hiding distributing these gifts around the house and then forgetting about them, I have a special drawer now in which to keep them all together.

Six pairs of socks is not enough for xmas – so I need to get knitting!  I do have 2 pairs waiting to be sewn up and 4 pairs on the needles at the moment.  I am also sewing mug mats and bags – I may need a bigger drawer!

Thinking about knitted presents has reminded me of my gran.  She knitted constantly – tea cosies, bed socks and hot water bottle covers… and all the women in the family got one (or more) of those for xmas.  I don’t think I really appreciated it at the time – I didn’t wear bed socks (still don’t) – didn’t use a teapot – didn’t put a cover on my hot water bottle.  But I do have the very last tea cosy she knitted – its red and white – and its very precious.  I think I might be turning into my gran….

Happy days…


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spinner, quilter, knitter, sewer, rag-rug hooker, beginning weaver, crocheter, embroiderer, chicken keeper, cat lady, budding gardener, yoga novice and home lover...

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