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Slowly hand quilting…

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I enjoy hand quilting.

I hand quilted my first quilt:

My first quilt - "Circles and Stars" - finished 1996

My first quilt – “Circles and Stars” – finished 1996 – with Merlin

… a king sized bed quilt… with the tiniest stitches I could manage and it was a total pleasure to do.

This scrappy quilt is much smaller and I am quilting it using a size 12 cotton thread in a lemon/lime colour – and this time making larger stitches.  I like the effect, I think its going to be quite pretty.

Stitch, stich, stitch...

Stitch, stich, stitch…

I have stitched all the main diagonal lines which form the diamond shapes and now I am stitching inside the diamonds… very simple lines.

Anyway – I am finding the process of stitching slowly rather meditative and relaxing and because I ironed all the seams open (rather than to one side) the quilt is nice and flat and there is never any more than 2 layers of quilt top to stitch through.

Although I started with quite big stitches, they are getting smaller… its hard to keep them all the same size.  Its plodding along quite nicely at the moment but as I love the look of intensive quilting – I think its a shame to leave large areas plain and stitch-less – I expect it will take me quite a while to complete – but hey – there is no panic – no time limit…. just a calm stitch, stitch, stitch….

Happy days…


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