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No knitting…


How can I knit when my eyes are totally glued to the screen – episodes 8 and 9 of The Bridge… this brilliant series is having a detrimental effect on my sock production!

So, with no sock knitting to report, here is a photo of my kitties.

Sweetie Pie, Magic and Tabbycat

Sweetie Pie, Magic and Tabbycat

Magic is “ours” – the other two are actually feral but have become very tame now.   They have negotiated the cat flap, are living in our porch where they are fed and have their own bed, and are very friendly with us.  Of course, that might be something to do with the amount of food I give them 🙂  But its lovely that they are safe.

Tabbycat is the big tom who has been here for over 3 years.   Sweetie Pie is the little lady who arrived 2 years ago with a litter of 3 kittens.  I fed them all and they lived under our hedge and in a makeshift shelter I made for them for a few weeks before I could catch them all and get them to our local Cats Protection League charity centre.

Sweetie and her kittens - June 2012

Sweetie and her kittens – June 2012

They found homes for the kittens and had mummy cat neutered but couldn’t home her as she was pretty wild.  So she came back to me within a couple of weeks and is now the most loving little thing although still nervous around strangers.  (I was very tempted to keep the little cream kitten, she was gorgeous – but I managed to resist… just… )

Magic and Sweetie Pie are inseparable now which is terribly sweet.  Tabbycat might be Sweetie Pie’s brother, father or “partner”… we will never know… he is very affectionate with her.  He is also pretty affectionate towards me and follows me around… and even purrs which is a huge improvement on the original hissing I used to get!  In those early days I would just put the food down, outside, and not touch him… but now I can even pick him up and give him a cuddle… wonderful progress.

Happy days….


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2 thoughts on “No knitting…

  1. The kitties look so content together – your two “feral” cats have certainly landed on their feet 🙂

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